Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My New Blog

Well, here it is. Something I've been thinking about for awhile. My blog.

Do I have anything to say? Well, yes. Truthfully, mine is a head full of opinions and a mouth only too willing to give them voice. But to begin, how about explaining the name?

Night-Tinted Glasses. Some of my earliest memories are of watching Dark Shadows on television. Hammer Horror movies (starting with The Brides of Dracula, which even then seemed odd given Dracula clearly never made an appearance) for afternoon theater. Halloween as a beloved holiday. My first pet was feline, naturally. Or super-naturally. Was it any wonder that by age sixteen I could read tarot cards and by thirty I'd started a vampire film collection on videotape? Years and years later, watching the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera certain lyrics made perfect sense to my soul...

"Turn your face away, from the garish light of day
Turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light..."

Although I don't sleep that much, which means I wake up fairly early each morn, I remain someone more comfortable with shadows that spotlights. Were it up to me, that overhead light in my apartment would almost never get turned on. Autumn and winter, not summer, for yours truly.

Years ago, I and my late, lamented, and utterly wonderous fiancee took a cruise to Mexico. Amid the great food, the hot tubs, the shows and the rest, she and I later agreed what was the best part of the trip. Lying together in bed at night, feeling the ocean sway us to sleep.

That's where I'm coming from...

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