Saturday, January 2, 2010

NoKiss BlogFest

Behold my entry for the NoKiss BlogFest! The rules are actually pretty simple. Herein is how it is officially described:
We'll be posting scenes from our WIPs, favorite books, movies, and tv shows that show the almost kiss-- the rising, crushing, excruciating, longing, tension that comes from when two characters get oh-so-close to kissing that you can just feel it....and then...they don't!

For my entry, I've chosen a bit of fanfiction I wrote some years back for the virtual spinoff series WaTchers. Quite simply, this was intended as a spinoff of Buffy the Vampire Slayer put together by fans who just didn't want the show to go away. We did our best to recreate the "feel" of a t.v. series, including a rigid refusal to let the readers "inside the heads" of characters as well as (as you can see) screencaps created for each episode.

"Strange Bedfellows" involved none other than the terminally blond vampire Harmony Kendell and her friendship with an original character -- Luna. Luna is a combination of total ditz and supervillain with more than a touch of good old-fashioned stalker. By sheer chance they ended up allied, and became best friends. Yet the terminally clueless Harmony hadn't yet realized an important fact -- namely, that Luna had fallen for her. Hard. Nor did she figure out that her best pal was trying to seduce her for most of the episode (if you want to find out whether she ultimately succeeded, you have to read the whole episode).

A certain sad note amidst the silliness. We would "cast" guest stars and the part of Luna was given to pictures of the lovely and talented Brittany Murphy, may she rest in peace.

Cut to:


Bridal Suite – Night

Most lights in the bridal suite were dimmed if not altogether ‘off.’ A wash of light from the bathroom poured in, along with the last remnants of steam and the scent of bubble bath.

Harmony moaned, a little smile on her face. "That feels…so great!"

"Glad you like it," said Luna from behind her. They were close enough Luna barely had to whisper. Her fingers worked their way along Harmony’s bare shoulders and neck. Unlike the half-naked blonde before her, Luna wore a simple blouse and skirt. A very simple blouse. One that could be slipped off in less than a second. Ditto the skirt. Her shoes were at the edge of the bed where she’d left them before crawling behind Harmony.

Smiling contentedly, Harmony held a thick towel to her chest, rocking slightly with the rhythm of her new best friend’s massage. "Wow," she murmured, "your fingers…how’d you get them so strong…and…nimble?"

"Practice. Lots and lots of practice."

"It shows!"

"Oh, I’m nowhere near through with you."

"Goody," Harmony giggled. "Oh!"

"You like that?"

"Well, duh. Yeah!"

"I’ll do it again if you really want."

"Go for it!" Harmony’s eyebrows shot up. "Woah."

By now Luna’s thumbs were working their way down Harmony’s spine, the rest of her fingers doing a little drum motion on the muscles below each shoulder blade.

"I am so glad," Harmony said, "you keep your nails short."

"Yeah," Luna agreed, her eyes fixed on the bare back before her, "well, long nails get in the way. You know what they call a girl with long fingernails, don’t you?" She had a little smile on her face as she asked.

Blinking, Harmony thought. "No, what?"


Harmony thought some more. "I don’t get it."

"Don’t worry about it. You will." By now Luna’s fingers had reached Harmony’s hips. She had to shift her position. As a result, now both her hands began to undulate firmly into the muscles near the sciatic nerves. Luna’s face was forward, barely two inches from the blonde vampire’s naked flesh.

"That feels…oh my god…" Harmony said huskily.

"You…you smell so good…" Luna whispered.

"I used those ball salts you gave me. Oh! Do that again?"

"Okay. Like that?"


"Harmony honey…"


"I’ve never felt skin like yours before. Smooth…and cool…like silk…"

"That’s ‘cause I’ve always tried to take care of my skin. Not that I really have to anymore. And of course I’m cool. I mean, think about it. I’m dead!"

"Not to me."

"Aw, you’re so sweet. Wow. And warm! Your hands are like…I dunno…something warm and strong and firm, that feels really really good…I mean, really good…"

Luna’s open mouth was barely half an inch from Harmony’s shoulder. "I can make you feel even better…" she purred.


"If you’ll let me, I can make you feel better than you ever have before!" Luna’s voice had dropped an octave.

Harmony grinned, eyes bright. "Go for it!"

Luna’s long, shuddering sigh in response was interrupted by the sudden, hard rap of the door. She did a take. The knocking came again.

"Darn it, what do they want now?" Harmony stood up off the bed. Her back was turned and so she couldn’t see Luna’s crushed expression. Letting the towel drop, Harmony reached for her robe. Another round of knocking masked the lustful whimper from Luna.

"I’m coming, I’m coming," yelled Harmony at the door.

Luna bit a pillow.


Ash. Elizabeth said...

haha. i miss Buffy. that was a fun read!

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

I agree with Harmony. GO FOR IT! :) Good stuff.
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V. S said...

I enjoyed reading your scene :) Your descriptions were very vivid.

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Haha that was awesome and totally different from everything else I've been reading today! Nice! And your playlist is fun too! Thanks for sharing and helping to make the No Kiss Blogfest so...steamy.

Amalia T. said...

Very fun! Very Harmony, too! I loved Buffy. Thanks for sharing this!

C R Ward said...

LOL This was great! Poor Luna.

LittoMiss isuet said...

Great scene ! (:
Hot and Steamy, very descriptive.