Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meeting Roy

Roy and Noelle are the central characters in a web series I'm developing with a friend. The title of the show is End of the Line and our quick tag line is "Dexter Meets Twilight." There'll be a website in July.

Anyway, since I did a post last month about meeting Noelle, I thought in only fair to meet Roy. Since he isn't yet cast, he (like Noelle) morphs in my mind between different actors who would be good for the part. One of these is Jackson Rathbone. Another is Elijah Wood while a third would be Jamie Campbell-Bower .

What are you reading?
(Holds up the book, revealing the title: Midnight Glass by Mary C. Pryce)
Oh right. You haven't gotten the next one yet.
(Long pause) Excuse me?
That sounded wrong didn't it?
Well, since this just came out a few months ago...yeah.
A few months ago? Then you haven't met...oh. My bad. But you've got the job at the city morgue, right? I hope.
(Long pause) Yes.
I'm not psychic.
Well, I am kinda. In some ways. About some people. I know a lot about your past for example. A whole lot. And some interesting stuff about your future.
I'd be interested in what you have to say.
Youngest child. Second son. Raised by your mother after your father disappeared. By now you've probably figured out it was a mixed blessing that you look so much like him.
I'd call it a mixed damnation, actually.
Good one!
Thank you.
Wow. I hadn't realized.
How much you just watch and wait like that. I mean, that was the theory and all, what with your temper and the whole family dynamic you grew up with. But seeing it like this is just so...different.
Go on. Please. This is interesting.
You see? Most folks would be freaking out about now, looking for some way to make tracks from this stranger who claims to know so much about you, and then actually does! My guess is you're feeling that, just as much as anyone else. But there's more. You're very curious about how I know all this, and you're actually thinking about what it might all mean.
I like to believe I do think.
But you know a lot of people don't, right?
More or less.
They react, and then try to justify what they did later on. You noticed that...well, not a long time ago but not exactly yesterday either.
Alright. That is true.
Do you like the book?
Excuse me?
Midnight Glass, do you like it? There's a reason I'm asking. What is your opinion?
(Considers) It surprises me. Not all the time, but enough to keep things fresh. Makes for a good story. And I'll admit the world of these books is an attractive one. I'd like to visit there. Maybe even live there. What's funny?
Can't tell you. Spoilers. Sorry.
That is irritating. A bit.
Yeah, it would be. And again, sorry.
In a nutshell, not great literature but only very good, which still makes it way above average.
Ever said that before?
Not to anyone.
Thought so. That is just so you. Judgment rendered carefully and simply, with insight but relatively few words. All the more impressive because this isn't how you're hard-wired at all. Not at all! This is all nurture, not nature.
Say what you were going to say.
I did.
No you didn't. Say the first thing that spring to mind. Go for it. Really.
I don't like you.
Oh. But...good for you. Here's the tiniest little spoiler, for what its worth. You're going to have to learn how to be spontaneous again. Once you do, though, you'll be great at it. That'll be a rare combo.
But you say you're not psychic. So what are you?
You wouldn't believe me.
Don't be too sure.
Good point. Still, I'd better not.
You must be aware of how irritating this is. I mean, you must be. Am I right?
So let me ask you something. (Leans forward) Thousands of people, all over the world. Millions even. Billions. But you're only psychic or whatever about me. Why? Why me? Or do you even know?
Excellent question. But I can only give an indirect answer.
Better than nothing.
Because for reasons I don't dare explain, your story is personal to me. Even if we never meet again--and for the record, we almost certainly won't--the details of your life caught my attention. Everyone is fascinating, Roy, if you look in the right way. I caught a glimpse of you, of your life and some of what is to be. It will be a good story. A very good story maybe.
That is only a little bit better than nothing.
Just accept you are interesting. Meanwhile, this is my stop.
(Looking out) North Bank.
Doesn't mean much. Really. Here's to being a great story! For all of us.
(A few moments later) Medication. Is he on it, or does he need it? And what kind?


India Drummond said...

Wow.. Dexter meets Twilight sounds... scary! But it will be interesting to see how you do it. Dexter is so dark at times, and Twilight, well, less so. :)

Amelia Hill said...

That sound very interesting. I'm looking forward to reading more about it.