Thursday, July 1, 2010

Project News (End of the Line)

End of the Line is a project a friend of mine and I are working on together. It will be a web series, initially composed of twelve ten-minute episodes to be available on YouTube (among other places).

What is it about, you may ask? Imagine, if you will, Dexter Meets Twilight. That'll give you some idea. Or if you want more.. "Girl vampire with a young soul meets Boy human with a very old one. Together they try and solve his father's murder." It is set in a fictional city called Alexander Bay somewhere in northern California. The two met on the mass transit train system, since they both live in a former fishing village at the outskirts of the city, called the Isle of Cats. One of the train lines finishes there, hence the title. But the title means a lot more than that. For example, our hero is the last of his father's children--the end of his father's line. Just as our heroine is the last vampire created by a certain other vampire--she being the end of that line. Emotionally, both are at the end of where they have been and must begin something new or stagnate. And so on.

If you're a regular reader of this blog you've even met them. A few months back our vampire talked with me in the posted dubbed "Meeting Noelle." A little later was the post "Meeting Roy."

Such are their names. Noelle and Roy. For the record, each is something of a pun. Noelle's is the more obvious, but you probably don't have a chance of figuring out the pun with his name until I tell you the rest of it. Roy Istvan. Maybe that'll help. Be warned--it is pretty obscure.

Noelle and Roy. Frankly we hope this pair will go down with Edward and Bella, Barnabas and Josette, Nick and Natalie, Buffy and Angel, Bill and Sookie.

I'll keep you posted as things go along. Lots of things to share, like a map of Alexander Bay. And news about the graphic novel (we seem to have found an artist). There's to be a reading of the first few scripts later this month. Plus the website, the Twitter account, the YouTube Channel and Facebook pages, etc.

Have you noticed one especially different about this so far? Yep--the girl is the vampire in this one.

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