Sunday, October 24, 2010

Guest Blogging & Some Thanks!

Did a few more guest blogs, this time on almost-vampire Mina Murray and of course her fiancee (and sometimes vampire hunter) Jonathan Harker.  These form part of a series I'm doing about the major characters in Dracula.  Another series is on the major actors who've played the world's most famous Transylvanian (the second methinks would have to be Johnny Weismuller, Olympic swimmer and star of many a motion picture about Tarzan).

As October ebbs to its climax (Halloween!!!!) I am also moved to render thanks to some celebrities.  Without going into details, let me admit many aspects of my life are a mess.  I have far too many bills, even more regrets, estranged family members (and in all honesty I cannot avoid some blame for that), an ongoing health problem I've created for myself (having to do with sugar and teeth, if you must know) and on top of all that I am alone.

On the other hand, there are some celebrities who remind me on a visceral level how lucky I am, how wise, how prudent, how generally un-screwed up I am at present.

So thank you for that Mr. and Mrs. Randy Quaid, Miss Lindsay Lohan, Mr. Mel Gibson, Mr. Michael Jackson (rest in peace, you seemed like a nice guy but c'mon!), Miss Britney Spears, Mr. Nicholas Cage and of course Mr. Elvis Presley (DEAR GOD MAN YOU HAD IT ALL!).

I'll have something substantive to say later this week.  Promise.

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