Monday, September 12, 2011

Polish Carmilla (Part of Blog Tour)

Today begins The Annotated Carmilla Blog Tour, in which the subject matter of my book The Annotated Carmilla shall be addressed all over the web.  You are invited.  Also, you are invited to watch this, the uber-rare Polish Television adaptation of Le Fanu's Carmilla.  Since it is unlisted and will be deleted come the end of the blog tour (October 12, 2011) here may be your only chance to see this flick (other websites in the blog tour are listed below):

The Facebook Page of the Tour
Mystical Book Blog Tours
Chastity's Romance News
Night Tinted Glasses
Search for the Lure
Dustin Bishop
Suburban Vampire
The Graveyard (the Lair of Gary James)
The Ramblins of Amy
A Paranormal Lover's Point of View
Eventide Envisions
Kay Dee Royal - Paranormal & Erotica Romance Musings

    1 comment:

    WOLFIE WOLFMAN said...

    NICE! I have never seen this! A real treat...