Saturday, November 14, 2009

Casting Choices

Just for fun, I was going to offer what could be some fun speculation -- namely some roles I would like to see played by specific actors.
  • David Tennant as Renfield in Dracula. Other than the King Vampire himself, this really is the juiciest part and when given the chance actors have managed to do wonders with it. Tennant is one who'd be marvelous at it.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg in a modern-day retelling of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. Much as "Clueless" was really "Emma," methinks it would be a hoot to see some modern teenager go through the same process as described in the classic -- growing up and opening the heart of someone else while making entirely the wrong conclusion based on current "gothic" ideas (a serial killer or maybe a vampire a la "Twilight").
  • Rachel Hurd Wood as the narrator in Rebecca. She's grown up into a very lovely young woman (making it easy to understand why Max de Winter would fall for her) but has been more-or-less typecast as an ingenue, often a murder victim. But for those of who who haven't read the book, there turns out to be steel in this lady, despite her waif-like status. Methinks that might make a nice transition for her.
  • Viggo Mortensen as Khan Noonien Singh in a new Star Trek sequel, one based on the current timeline created by J.J.Abrams. Mind you, I'm thinking it would be fascinating to see the story of "Space Seed" take an entirely new direction (who wants to see a total retread?).
  • Nicole Kidman as the villain in a James Bond Movie. The reboot of the 007 franchise gives a wonderful opportunity for the films to explore ideas the originals rarely did. In this case, a genuine Lead Bad Guy who is actually a Bad Girl -- the equivalent of Blofeld or Dr. No. Given the way Quantum seems to be working out, perhaps her name should be Miss Black? Or Mrs. Gray?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Zahir! I love David Tennant, and after his Barty Crouch performance, I totally think he'd make a great Renfield. Creepy, yet I think he'd bring some intelligence to the role as well. I don't know about Viggo for Khan (did you see his turn as Lucifer in The Prophecy), but it would be good to see Daniel Craig square off against Nicole Kidman. I think she'd be quite formidable.