Monday, June 19, 2023

Get Naughty! The Krampus Rock Musical (Fringe 2023)

 Spoilers ahoy!

Imagine if you will, a burlesque show that combines Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer with The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

That will probably prepare you for Get Naughty! The Krampus Rock Musical.  For those of you who don't know, Krampus is a Germanic kind of Anti-Santa Claus who puts coal in bad little children's stockings, and if they are really bad, steals them away in his sack to EAT THEM!

As our hostess (Aryiel Hartman) explains, Krampus (Jon Cody) lives at the South Pole with a group of servants/slaves called Switches (including Dana Benedict and Max Moxie) who--in between orgies--help him torture bad children in their dreams then help him in his Christmas Eve duties.  

However, when a Krampus has a child, that child will take up the mantle upon his fortieth birthday.  Hence, the story.  Unbeknownst (at first) to Krampus himself, a wild week with the Witch Fantasma (Miss Spent Youth) years ago created a hellspawn raised by his mother, who calls him Junior (Matt Pick).  As a magic mirror reveals the truth, honestly Krampus looks forward to retiring and putting together his band!  But he has to prepare Junior to become the new Krampus, with the help of his head Switch (i.e. slave) Sinchilla (Sarah O'Dwyer).  Honestly, Junior doesn't seem to quite get it, at least at first.  

Meanwhile there's a B plot about a pair of children, Camden (Kim Dalton) and Joan (Mary Louise Lukasiewicz) who begin to realize Krampus might be real and that they are his natural prey.  So they begin to make plans...which do not involve being any less naughty. Oh, no!

As I hope this precis makes clear, we have hear a very fun show, one that takes any little mishaps in stride with a (sometimes literal) wink to the audience.  Honestly, it is a little slow getting started.  But I grew more and more invested in the whole game of watching this play out, until by halfway through I was almost dancing to the music (composed by Cliff Retallick, who also wrote the delightful madness that is this book).  Kudos also to choreographers Alli Miller and Lauren Avon.

Get Naughty! The Kampus Rock Musical plays at the Three Clubs, 1123 N VINE ST, Hollywood, CA 90038 with one more show as of this writing:  Thursday June 22 2023, 7:00 PM

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