Thursday, November 1, 2018

Plays I Want to See - Nov. 2018

Some very nice folks suggested I start publishing lists of plays, shows I have not seen in Los Angeles but would very much like to.  Will encourage my fellow reviewers to do the same!

Equus, arguably the first bit "hit" by the late Peter Shaffer, most famous done a few years back in the West End and Broadway with Daniel Radcliffe in the role of the deeply disturbed Alan Strang.  A fantastic role for a young man, and an equally wonderful one for an older man.  The supporting roles likewise are good ones, which is pretty much a hallmark of Shaffer's work.  People are real, even as some of them are the most articulate.

The Sign in Sydney Brustein's Window was the last work by the great Lorraine Hansberry.  Deeply controversial when it premiered in the 1960s (she was accused of hating Blacks and Gays--a charge that seems utterly absurd now), it is a portrait of those who try to do the right thing amid their own weaknesses, their own limits, their own errors.  It is a tale of grave human frailty and utterly transcendent courage in the face of despair. 

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